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Top 5 Reasons to Join AES

1. Build Your Knowledge

By receiving 8 issues per year of the journal Aquacultural Engineering, you will be able to increase your knowledge of what's going on in the design and development of effective aquacultural systems for marine and freshwater facilities.4 You will also receive the AES Newsletter and ordering information on past and future AES publications.

2. Build a Professional Network

By attending the numerous workshops and conferences sponsored by AES, you can stay abreast of current aquacultural engineering applications and solutions, and expand your network of colleagues and professional contacts within the industry. The AES Newsletter will keep you informed about upcoming aquacultural events.

3. Build Your Proffession

By being a part of an international organization working to improve, foster, and enhance development of the aquacultural engineering profession, you as an individual will benefit from the efforts of the membership as a whole.

4. Build Your Credibility

By joining a growing international society, you will be demonstrating your commitment to the industry and your proactive stance towards perpetuating its growth.

5. Build Your Expertise

By participating in AES scheduled conferences and events where the latest technologies are presented and discussed, you will increase your knowledge base and boost your professional development.

Membership Options Available:

2019 Annual membership. Includes: Access to Online AES Member Directory for 2019


2019 Student membership. Includes the same as above.

2019 Sponsor. Includes: annual membership, printed journal subscription, and advertising on website. $650.
Options (additional cost to the $30 annual membership dues):  

Printed subscription to Elsevierís journal Aquacultural Engineering (Volumes 88 - 93) Standard one year subscription of the printed journal.

Online subscription to Elsevierís journal Aquacultural Engineering (Volumes 88 - 93) Web-based access through ScienceDirect ( $74.