Best Paper Awards

The Aquacultural Engineering Society honors peer-reviewed journal publications of its members by annually awarding best paper awards in our official journal, Aquacultural Engineering. The Awards Committee Chair establishes the process for judging and giving out these awards each year. Currently the Board of Directors is tasked with reviewing and judging papers. The society awards two levels of distinction in this program – the Superior Paper Award and the Honorable Mention Paper Award.



Superior Paper

Bertrand Barrut, Jean-Paul Blancheton, Jean-Yves Champagne, Alain Grasmick.
Water delivery capacity of a vacuum airlift - Application to water recycling in aquaculture systems. 2012. Aquacultural Engineering, 48:31-39

Honorable Mention Papers

Bertrand Barrut, Jean-Paul Blancheton, Jean-Yves Champagne, and Alain Grasmick.
Mass transfer efficiency of a vacuum airlift - Application to water recycling in aquaculture systems. 2012. Aquacultural Engineering, 46:18-26.

Vassilis M. Papadakis, Ioannis E. Papadakis, Fani Lamprianidou, Alexios Glaropoulos and Maroudio Kentouri.
A computer-vision system and methodology for the analysis of fish behavior. 2012. Aquacultural Engineering, 46:53-59.


Superior Paper

Jan P. Schröder, Peter L. Croot, Burkhard von Dewitz, Uwe Waller and Reinhold Hanel.
Potential and limitation of ozone for the removal of ammonia, nitrate, and yellow substances in marine recirculating aquaculture systems. 2011. Aquacultural Engineering, 45:35-41.

Honorable Mention Papers

Ido Seginer and Raz Ben-Asher.
Optimal harvest size in aquaculture, with RAS cultured sea bream (Sparus aurata) as an example. 2011. Aquacultural Engineering, 44: 55-64.

Tae Ho Kim, Kyong Uk Yang, Kyu Serk Hwang, Duck Jong Jang and Jung Gyu Hur.
Automatic submerging and surfacing performances of model submersible fish cage system operated by air control. 2011. Aquacultural Engineering, 45:74-86.


Superior Papers

Kevin K. Schrader, John W. Davidson, Anges M. Rimando and Steven T. Summerfelt.
Evaluation of ozonation on levels of the off-flavor compounds geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol in water and rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss from recirculating aquaculture systems. 2010. Aquacultural Engineering, 43: 46-50.

Philippe Lefrançois, Jaume Puigagut, Florent Chazarenc and Yves Comeau.
Minimizing phosphorus discharge from aquaculture earth ponds by a novel sediment retention system. 2010. Aquacultural Engineering, 43: 94-100.

Honorable Mention Papers

Lars-Flemming Pedersen, Per B. Pedersen, Jeppe L. Nielsen and Per H. Nielson.
Long term/low dose formalin exposure to small-scale recirculation aquaculture systems. 2010. Aquacultural Engineering, 42:1-7.

I. S. Jung and R. W. Lovitt.
Integrated production of long chain polyunsaturated (PUFA)-rich Schizochytrium biomass using a nutrient supplemented marine aquaculture wastewater. 2010. Aquacultural Engineering, 43:51-61.


Superior Paper

John Davidson, Chris Good, Carla Welsh, Brian Brazil and Steve Summerfelt.
Heavy metal and waste metabolite accumulation and their potential effect on rainbow trout performance in a replicated water reuse system operated at low or high system flushing rates. 2009. Aquacultural Engineering, 41:136-145

Honorable Mention Papers

German Merino, Raul Piedrahita and D.E. Conklin.
Routine oxygen consumption rates of California halibut (Paralichthys californicus) juveniles under farm-like conditions. 2009. Aquacultural Engineering, 40:166-175.

Ramsey Kropp, Dean Tompkins, Timothy Barry, Walter Zeltner, Greg Pepping, Marc Anderson and Terence Barry.
A device that converts aqueous ammonia into nitrogen gas. 2009. Aquacultural Engineering, 41: 28-34.


Superior Paper

John Davidson, Neil Helwig and Steven T. Summerfelt.
Fluidized sand biofilters used to remove ammonia, biochemical oxygen demand, total coliform bacteria, and suspended solids from an intensive aquaculture effluent. 2008. Aquacultural Engineering, 39:6-15.

Honorable Mention Papers

Chai-Cheng Huang, Hung-Jie Tang and Jin-Yuan Liu.
Effects of waves and currents on gravity-type cages in the open seas. 2008. Aquacultural Engineering, 38:105-116.

Ingrid Masalo, Oscar Guadayol, Francesc Peters and Joan Oca.
Analysis of sedimentation and resuspension processes of aquaculture biosolids using an oscillating grid. 2008. Aquacultural Engineering, 38:135-144.


Superior Paper

Mark J. Sharrer, Yossi Tal, Drew Ferrier, Joseph Hankins and Steve Summerfelt.
Membrane biological reactor treatment of a saline backwash flow from a recirculation aquaculture system. 2007. Aquacultural Engineering, 36:159-176.

Honorable Mention Papers

Karlia Dalla Santa and Luis Vinatea.
Evaluation of respiration rates and mechanical aeration requirements in semi-intensive shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei culture ponds. 2007. Aquacultural Engineering, 36:73-80.

Oliver Schneider, Vasiliki Sereti, Ep H. Eding, Johan A.J. Verreth and Bram Klapwijk.
Kinetics, designs and biomass production of a bacteria reactor treating RAS effluent streams. 2007. Aquacultural Engineering, 36:24-35.


Superior Paper

Barbara Benson and Kelly Rusch.
Investigation of light dynamics and the impact on algal growth rate in the hydraulically integrated serial turbidostat algal reactor (HISTAR). 2006. Aquacultural Engineering, 35:122-134.

Honorable Mention Papers

Jianyu Xu, Ying Liu, Shaorong Cui and Xiangwen Miao.
Behavioral responses to acute fluctuations in dissolved oxygen levels as monitored by computer vision. 2006. Aquacultural Engineering, 35:207-217.

Shulin Chen, Jian Ling and Jean-Paul Blancheton.
Nitrification kinetics of biofilm as affected by water quality factors. 2006. Aquacultural Engineering, 34:179-197.


Superior Paper

Oliver Schneider, V. Sereti, Ep H. Eding and J.A.J. Verreth.
Analysis of nutrient flows in integrated intensive aquaculture systems. 2005. Aquacultural Engineering, 32:379-401.

Honorable Mention Papers

Alexander Brinker, H. Gerd Schröder and Roland Rösch.
A high-resolution technique to size suspended solids in flow-through fish farms. 2005. Aquacultural Engineering, 32:325-341.

C.M. Chang, W. Fang, R.C. Jao, C.Z. Shyu and I.C. Liao.
Development of an intelligent feeding controller for indoor intensive culturing of eel. 2005. Aquacultural Engineering, 32:343-353.


Superior Paper

Gregory L. Rorrer and Donald P. Cheney.
Bioprocess engineering of cell and tissue cultures for marine seaweeds. 2004. Aquacultural Engineering, 32:11-41.

Honorable Mention Papers

Steven T. Summerfelt, John W. Davidson, Thomas B. Waldrop, Scott M. Tsukuda and Julie Bebak-Williams.
A partial-reuse system for coldwater aquaculture. 2004. Aquacultural Engineering, 31:157-181.

Barnaby J. Watten, Claude E. Boyd, Michael F. Schwartz, Steven T. Summerfelt and Brian L. Brazil.
Feasibility of measuring dissolved carbon dioxide based on head space partial pressures. 2004. Aquacultural Engineering, 30:83-101.


Superior Paper

Lanhai Li and Amararatne Yakupitiyage.
A model for food nutrient dynamics of semi-intensive pond fish culture. 2003. Aquacultural Engineering, 27:9-38.

Honorable Mention Papers

Richard N. Patterson, K. Christopher Watts and Tom A. Gill.
Micro-particles in recirculating aquaculture systems: determination of particle density by density gradient centrifugation. 2003. Aquacultural Engineering, 27:105-115.

David E. Brune, G. Schwartz, Arnold G. Eversole, John A. Collier and Thomas E. Schwedler.
Intensification of pond aquaculture and high rate photosynthetic systems. 2003. Aquacultural Engineering, 28: 65-86.


Superior Paper

Songming Zhu and Shulin Chen.
The impact on temperature on nitrification rate in fixed film biofilters. 2002. Aquacultural Engineering, 26:221-237.

Honorable Mention Paper

Roger C. Viadaro, Jr. and James A. Noblet.
Membrane filtration for removal of fine solids from aquaculture process water. 2002. Aquacultural Engineering, 26:151-169.

Anthony M. Hart, Ferral E. Lasi and Edward P. Glenn.
SLODS ™: slow dissolving standards for water flow measurements. 2002. Aquacultural Engineering, 25:239-252.


Superior Paper

E.S. Thoman, E.D. Ingall, D.A. Davis and C.R. Arnold.
A nitrogen budget for a closed, recirculating mariculture system. 2001. Aquacultural Engineering, 24:195-211.

Honorable Mention Papers

A.N. Bart, J. Clark, J. Young and Y. Zohar.
Underwater ambient noise measurements in aquaculture systems: a survey. 2001. Aquacultural Engineering, 25:99-110.

C. Kwei Lin, Madhav K. Shrestha, Yang Yi and James S. Diana.
Management to minimize the environmental impacts of pond effluent: Harvest draining techniques and effluent quality. 2001. Aquacultural Engineering, 25:125-135.


Superior Paper

Steve T. Summerfelt, Brian J. Vinci and Raul H. Piedrahita.
Oxygenation and carbon dioxide control in water reuse systems. 2000. Aquacultural Engineering, 22:87-108.

Eric L. Peterson, Jonathan A. Harris and Lal C. Wadhwa.
CFD modeling pond dynamic processes. 2000. Aquacultural Engineering, 23:61-93.

Honorable Mention Papers

Timothy J. Pfeiffer and Kelly A. Rusch.
An integrated system for microalgal and nursery seed clam culture. 2000. Aquacultural Engineering, 23:61-93.

Caye M. Drapcho and David Brune.
The partitioned aquaculture system: impact of design and environmental parameters on algal productivity and photosynthetic oxygen production. 2000. Aquacultural Engineering, 21:151-168.


Superior Paper

Richard N. Patterson, K. Christopher Watts and Michael B. Timmons.
The power law in particle size analysis for aquacultural facilities. 1999. Aquacultural Engineering, 19:259-273.

Honorable Mention Papers

J. Jed Brown and Edward Glenn.
Reuse of highly saline aquaculture effluent to irrigate a potential forage halophyte, Suaeda esteroa. 1999. Aquacultural Engineering, 20:91-111.

José L. Ramírez, Susana Avila, and Ana M. Ibarra.
Optimization of forage in two food-filtering organisms with the use of a continuous, low-food concentration, agricultural drip system. 1999. Aquacultural Engineering, 20:175-189.